Volunteers in Policing

The volunteers of the Garland Police Department continue to assist us in our service to the citizens of this city by contributing their time, expertise and commitment to our department. Their willingness to help and their professionalism has truly been an example to all other volunteer groups. We are, once again, grateful for their assistance.

Volunteers in Policing (VIP) Services

Finger Printing 

Volunteers offer fingerprinting services Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m, off the main lobby of the Police Department. Cash only.

  • Fingerprints: 1-2 Cards
    • Current Fee Amount       $13.00
  • Fingerprints: 3 Cards
    • Current Fee Amount       $20.00
  • Fingerprints: 4 Cards
    • Current Fee Amount       $27.00

Vacation Watch

Uniformed volunteers in a marked Garland Police car check the homes of Garland citizens who are away from home on vacation to ensure that no burglar has broken in and taken their possessions. If you would like to have your home placed on the Vacation Watch list, please view the Vacation Watch Request Form (PDF) This service is available to any homeowner within the city limits of Garland.

Squad Car Maintenance

Volunteers are utilized by the Patrol Division to maintain the safe condition of the Patrol vehicles by checking fluid levels, making sure that lights, brakes, etc. are functioning properly, and transporting the vehicles needing repairs to and from the City garage.