GPD Canine Unit (K9)

Purpose & History of the Garland K-9 Unit

A properly trained and handled police canine can be an incredible asset within a police department. Police canines provide law enforcement officers with an enhanced search tool that can aid officers in the detection and prevention of crime. The Garland Police K-9 Unit is comprised of two canine teams designed to provide the maximum amount of safety to officers, citizens, and suspects during the investigation of criminal activities. They are especially helpful in the investigation of felony criminal offenses. The proper use of a canine unit has been shown to reduce the number of officer-involved shootings as it provides a non-lethal aid for the department.

Public Education

Public education is another important element of the K-9 Unit. The K-9 officers conduct public demonstrations for schools, civic agencies, and community organizations on a regular basis.

History of the Garland K-9 Unit

The Garland Police K-9 Unit was officially formed in 1986 by a Federal Grant to help assist in the prevention of building burglaries. The K-9 Unit was started by Officer David Swavey with K-9 Lord and Officer Andy Bell with K-9 Bingo.