Bomb Unit

The Garland Bomb Unit consists of eight (8) certified Bomb Technicians and two (2) trained Bomb Assistants. All technicians are graduates of the Hazardous Devices School at Redstone Arsenal and regularly return to the school for re-certification.  The bomb unit serves as a regional response team for many smaller neighboring agencies in the DFW area and works closely with the F.B.I. Bomb training program.  The Bomb Technicians' job is a secondary assignment, and most technicians are assigned to patrol or CID.


The Bomb Unit's main mission is to respond to suspicious circumstances where it is believed that explosives or some other unknown danger may pose a threat to officers and the general public. The Bomb Unit uses specialized equipment to diagnose and renders suspicious packages safe.

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The Bomb Unit trains biweekly in order to maintain proficiency in the skills needed to carry out the bomb disposal mission. Each technician has attended a post-blast investigation course and is qualified to assist other agencies in bomb disposal/detonation incidents.

Equipped to Respond

The unit is trained and equipped to respond to incidents involving weapons of mass destruction. This ability requires the officers to be trained in hazardous material response and to be capable of working in fully encapsulated suits. The Garland Police Bomb Unit and the Garland Health Department formed a combined Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team capable of dealing with CBRNE devices:

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Explosive
  • Nuclear
  • Radiological

This partnership has brought together the advanced resources of both departments to form a team with capabilities that far exceed other local agencies. This specialized team provides its capabilities to seven surrounding counties and over 36 smaller cities.

Resourced to Other Agencies

Because the Garland Police Department Bomb Unit is highly trained and well recognized, it has been called on to assist the FBI and ATF in the recovery of explosive items and investigation of major incidents. The unit provides explosive breaching capabilities for the GPD SWAT Team and has several certified breachers who routinely train with several local SWAT Teams.