The City of Garland Water Utilities department is dedicated to the efficient use of water in our community.

Conservation Programs

Currently our conservation program consists of accurate meter reading, yearly outdoor irrigation schedules, educational classes, public information in a variety of formats and conservation credits (a credit on your utility bill) for new toilets and clothes washing machines for residential water customers.

If you purchase a new toilet or clothes washing machine, simply fill out the toilet credit application (PDF) or washing machine application (PDF). Follow the instructions on the application and once approved, you'll receive a credit on your utility bill. Tell your friends and neighbors in Garland!

Thank you for using water efficiently!

Check out for tips and advice on indoor and outdoor conservation.

North Texas Municipal Water District

Our water supplier is the North Texas Municipal Water District, was created in 1951 by City of Garland leaders and 9 other communities as a way to organize and plan water supplies for North Texas communities. Visit to learn more about this vital resource and how you can help protect and conserve water for all North Texans.

Wondering how water rates are decided in North Texas? Watch this video from the North Texas Municipal Water District to learn about the rates they charge our city for wholesale water.