Youth Crimes / Internet Crimes Against Children

The Youth Crimes Unit (YCU) serves to investigate violent crimes committed by or against children younger than 17 years of age. The detectives of this unit also investigate reports of missing or runaway children and reports of child abuse or neglect. The detectives are trained in techniques of interviewing victims of physical or sexual abuse and in conducting searches for missing or abducted children. YCU detectives serve as a liaison between the police department and Child Protective Services (CPS), the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center (DCAC) and other centers seeking to protect and serve children and families.

Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC)

The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC) is a highly specialized investigative unit with the sole purpose of seeking out, identifying, arresting and prosecuting the Internet child sexual predator. This unit utilizes incredibly complicated technology in their investigations and has been highly successful in its efforts. 

Successful Unit

The unit started with federal grant funding in 2001. In the first year and a half, the unit has become one of the most successful units of its kind in the country. The personnel assigned to this unit have been the key to success, as they approach their jobs enthusiastically and bring innovative thinking and technology to bear on Internet Crimes Against Children. Sexual predators from both inside and outside the state are apprehended and prosecuted for these crimes. They can be reached at 972-205-2040.