Park Politely Please

Park Politely PleaseModern families are always on the go in different directions, sometimes requiring more vehicles than their residential parking can comfortably accommodate.

The City of Garland urges you to be a good neighbor and Park Politely, Please! Here are a few Park Politely tips:

  • Avoid parking in front of your neighbor’s house.
  • Never block Postal Service access to mailboxes.
  • Park as close to the curbs as possible to keep the roadway clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Communicate in a respective and positive manner with neighbors about parking issues.
  • When possible, let your neighbors know in advance of activities at your home which may include excessive guest parking.

Street Parking

Remember, street parking is not reserved for any specific individual or resident; therefore, the Garland Police Department cannot ticket a vehicle because it is parked where a specific resident would prefer to park. Under certain circumstances, a citation can be issued. 

Additional Information

For a complete list of applicable state and local laws or to schedule a Park Politely, Please presentation for your next neighborhood or community meeting, call 972-205-2012.