Sidewalk Participation Program


Per City Ordinance, if you own property in Garland, it is your responsibility to keep sidewalks, parkways, and driveways adjacent to your property in a good and safe condition and free from any defects and hazards.

Garland offers three new reductions to supplement its established 50-50 share of sidewalk reconstruction costs. A property owner who qualifies in all three categories may now bear as little as 10 percent of the cost of fixing their sidewalk.

In addition to the 50% match, the following reductions in cost may now apply:

An extra 15% if the property has a homestead exemption through Dallas County records

An extra 15% if the address is in a Community Development Block Grant area as marked by Department of Housing and Urban Development

An extra 10% if the property owner is disabled according to Social Security Administration records or is age 65 or older (Supporting Documentation required from Property Owner before reduction is applied)


For more information, contact the Street Department at 972-205-2930 or email the Street Department. Sidewalk Inspector will then determine what work is eligible and the estimated cost. NOTE...Due to recent changes to the Sidewalk Participation Program Ordinance, we are experiencing a large volume of calls for sidewalk repairs so we ask for your patience in allowing 3-5 business days for a response to your inquiry. Thank you for your understanding.

The typical Sidewalk Participation Program Timeline is as follows:

1. Inquiry (3-5 days)

2. Sidewalk assessment, measurement and submittal of supporting documentation (age verification for 65+ or disability verification) (2 weeks)

3. Concurrence by Property owner and construction (3-6 months)

4. Overall time expectation (8-12 months)