Garland Library Master Plan 2020-30

Make It Happen @ Your Garland Public Library!

This plan identifies ways the public library system can support the community’s efforts to Grow Garland’s Economic Base; Enhance Quality of Life through Amenities, Arts, and Events; support Vibrant Neighborhoods and Commercial Centers; provide Customer Focused City Services; and develop a Future Focused Organization.

This plan also lays the groundwork for transforming Garland’s Nicholson Memorial Library System (NMLS) into a 21st Century Library, by embracing new industry trends in library roles, services, and technologies and by adopting the philosophy that the best library is the one that puts people and community needs first, then looks for how to support them through library resources and services.

Library Master Plan Executive Summary (PDF 5.5 MB)

Library Master Plan - full report with Appendix (PDF 21 MB)