Pullman Railcar

AT & SF lettering on the side of the Pullman Railcar

Pullman LogoHistory

Donated to the City of Garland in 1976 by the Santa Fe Railroad, this 1910 Pullman Coach Car 582 transported passengers on the main line steam trains of the Santa Fe railroad system from 1910 to about 1930, playing a vital role in troop transportation during World War 1.

From 1930 to 1949, it connected small towns in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, linking Santa Fe’s branch lines like Garland’s to their main line. Finally, in 1949, it was taken out of service and became living quarters for a Santa Fe employee, saving it from the demolition many similar railroad cars faced.


The back end of the Pullman Coach Car.This 1910 Pullman Coach Car represents a unique transitional design, combining a newer metal undercarriage with a wooden framed car. In 2014, it underwent an exterior refurbishment, returning its paint color and markings to their original 1910 specifications. Few of these cars are believed to exist today.

The Pullman Coach Car 582 now stands as a reminder of the important role the railroads played in the development of the City of Garland.

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