District Officers & Contact Information

DistrictsOfficerPhoneEmail Address
11Capers972-485-4883Email J. Capers
12Capers972-485-4883 Email J. Capers
13J. L. Mohler972-205-1649Email J. L. Mohler
14Barnes972-205-2042Email T. Barnes
21Wade972-205-1659Email D. Wade
22Wade972-205-1659Email M. Clark
23Wade972-205-1659 Email M. Clark
24T. Franey972-485-4899Email T. Franey
25T. Franey972-485-4899Email T. Franey
31Morillos972-205-2980Email J. Morillos
32Morillos972-205-2980Email J. Morillos
33Hicks972-205-2032 Email B. Hicks
34Hicks972-205-2032Email B. Hicks
35Dockter972-205-4043 Email C. Dockter
41M. St. Clair972-485-4821Email M. St. Clair
42Pesta972-205-4043Email M. Pesta
43M. St. Clair972-485-4821Email M. St. Clair
44Pesta972-485-4896Email M. Pesta
45Shreves972-485-4876Email R. Shreves
46Shreves972-485-4876Email R. Shreves
51Redus972-485-4823Email R. Redus
52M.R. Hatfield972-485-4815Email M.R. Hatfield
53M.R. Hatfield972-485-4815Email M.R. Hatfield
54Ashcroft972-485-4898Email R. Ashcroft
55Divers972-485-4882Email T. Divers
56Divers972-485-4882Email T. Divers

Community Relations Officer

OfficerPhoneEmail Address
Alberto Irizarry972-485-4830Email Alberto Irizarry 

NPO Supervisors

PhoneEmail Address
Lt. Richard Maldonado - 10, 20 and 30 Sectors
Email Richard Maldonado 
Lt. Jessica Chittamai - 40 and 50 Sectors
Email Jessica Chittamai