Selection Process

The applicant must complete the following steps to be hired by the Garland Police Department as a Police Officer:

  • Submit an application
  • Detailed Personal History
  • Written Civil Service Examination with a passing score of 70% or better
  • Physical Agility Test
  • Thorough Background Investigation 
  • Oral Interview Board
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Administrative Review
  • Psychological Examination
  • Medical Examination

Detailed Selection Process

Once accepted all recruits will enter the Garland Police Academy and be required to complete the 25-week basic police officer course. After the academy graduation, all new officers will enter and must complete the 16-week Field Training Officer program. All new officers will then be on probationary status until 18 months is completed from their hire date.

View more information on our detailed selection process (PDF).


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