Types of Building & Construction Permit

Notice: Effective May 19, 2015 the City Adopted the Garland Development Code (GDC) which changed zoning allowances throughout the City. Please check with the Building Inspections Department prior to purchasing any equipment or supplies to ensure a timely progression with your construction project.

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  • Accessory/Storage Building: Accessory buildings (storage buildings/arbors/detached patio covers) to the main structure.

  • Additions: Additions to houses must conform to the edition of the International Residential Code in effect at time of permit submittal.
  • Air Conditioning Repairs: Replacement of a condensing unit and/or the heating system does require a permit. Check with Building Inspections Personnel for requirements of repairs.
  • Alarm Permit: Monitored alarms are permitted through the Garland Police Department.
  • Burglar Bars: Installation of burglar bars must meet specific requirements.
  • Carport: Rules for a carport in the front yard are more restrictive than those for the rear yard.
  • Demolition: Permits are required for demolition of swimming pools, interior walls, and/or entire structures (including storage buildings with slab foundations).
  • Driveway/Sidewalk: Expansion or installation of a driveway or sidewalk on City right-of-way.
  • Electrical Repair/Meter Base Upgrade: Any time electrical work is being conducted, you should contact our offices for requirements.
  • Fence: In most cases, replacement of an existing fence does not require a permit.
  • Fire Repair: A Scope of Work must accompany permit submittal for all fire repairs.
  • Foundation Repair: All foundation repairs that have a value of $2,000 or more must be accompanied by an engineer’s report or design detail when being submitted.
  • Garage Conversion: Conversions are allowed in most zoning designations; however, you are required to provide 50 square feet of storage accessible from the exterior of the house.
  • Garage Sale Permit: Garage sale permits are issued at no charge. Please click on the link for garage sale requirements or contact Code Compliance at 972-485-6400 to obtain your permit number.
  • New House: Requirements for submittal.
  • Patio Cover: Rear patio cover and front porch cover requirements. Both must conform to side, front, and rear yard setbacks.
  • Plumbing Permit(s): Include irrigation installation, gas test, sewer repairs, gas relays, under-slab repairs, and new gas service.
  • Re-Roofing: Permits are required when repairs are valued at $2,000 or greater. Code allows two layers of shingles.
  • Retaining Wall: Permits are required when any part of the retaining wall is 4 feet or taller (which will include the footing).
  • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Spa: Any pool of water that is deeper than 24 inches requires a permit.
  • Water Heater Replacement: Effective September 1, 2001, all hot water heater replacements require permits.